Pikeperch is one of the most delicious fish of the freshwater fish assortment appreciated for its white, solidly structured flesh. A lot of chefs prefer it because of its good taste and wide range of possible uses in recipies.

Between harvesting and packing on ice there is a maximum time of 60 minutes. The fish packed on ice is transported to Urk and from there the same day distributed to every location in Europe. This way we can guarantee a fresh product of high quality.


Our products:

  • Whole on ice           600 gr – 1,000 gr.
  • Whole on ice        1,000 gr – 2,000 gr.
  • Whole on ice        2,000 gr – 4,000 gr.


Filet with or without skin:

  • Filet 100 – 300 gram
  • Filet 200 – 400 gram


During the angling fishing season we sell live fish also.