Since 2002 we produce pikeperch year-round in RAS-systems in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way without any use of antibiotics. Globally we were the first to do this.

As the first pioneer worldwide, Excellence fish has been producing Zander in indoor recirculation systems year-round and in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Using sophisticated technology, we can grow zander in our computer-controlled propagation systems in a controlled manner.

Because we are a closed company with our own breeding and breeding program, the introduction of germs is virtually excluded, so there is no need to use antibiotics or other means and the zander can grow up healthy and vital in an almost natural way of life.

Partly because of this, the farmed zander is on the WWF green list, this means in good choice, no MSC / ASC label available for this breeding method, but the fish stock is healthy, there is little environmental damage and there is sufficient sustainable farming.